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Contessa  Louise Cooper is a bestselling author, advocate, entrepreneur and healer. She provides safe and brave spaces for individuals can be their authentic selves so they can begin a holistic and spiritual healing process. Writing is one of the methods she uses as  a healing modality. She sees clients internationally and locally in her office located in the Baltimore, MD area.  


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Write Your Book In A Weekend

CLOSED - What You Will Learn - Thurs, Sept 13, at 8pmEST

Did you know it doesn't have to take YEARS to write a book? I have shown hundreds of moms, dads, speakers, coaches and business professionals how to share their story in just THREE DAYS.  This workshop is for anyone who wants to:

  • Make an impact on the lives of others. 
  • Be recognized as an influencer and authority 
  • Have a marketing tool to sell or give away at events
  • Finally, live your dream of being an author. 

I know you may be a little worried. You still haven't launched that blog you've been thinking about. I got you. I will provide you will all the tools you need to write your book in a weekend. You will receive:

  • Outlines for the best types of books to write
  • Tips oh how to schedule your days
  • Resources on titles, editing, cover design, publishing 
  • Access to my private Facebook book where we can all write together and ask questions. 

Oh yea...why should you write with me? Contessa Louise is a multiple Amazon Best Selling Author, Speaker & Advocate and Healer who believes everyone has a story. There are people waiting for your wisdom and inspiration to propel them to the next level. Lives will be changed because of you.  Are you ready? 

Akiva McClam



Acclaimed playwright Akiva McClam who is best known for his number one hit Cain & Abel stage play based on true events written about losing both of his parents only one year apart from each other, his grandmother Mary Clark stepped in and raised both him and his brother but due to favoritism within the family the brothers collided and went separate ways. A man with many talents he became known as “The Renaissance Man”.

Akiva McClam has a passion to write inspirational stage plays that make people laugh, think, and plant seeds to introducing them to Jesus Christ. He wrote his first Christmas production “My Christmas Story” in 2009. Since then he has been on a steady roll in the DC metropolitan areas. Cain and Abel in 2010, 2013, Deep Cover 2015, “Answering His Call Today” in 2016, and 2018 a sequel to the original Deep Cover, Deep Cover “Let your light shine in dark places.” 

Several of the actors Akiva McClam worked with have continued their acting careers by starring in other successful productions, commercials, independent films, BET drama show series Being Mary Jane, Saints and Sinners, Tyler Perry’s Haves and the Have Nots (TV series), web series and the Emmy nominated TV series House of Cards.

His plays have raised $10K for local churches. Not only does he want to give back to churches but he has a desire to reach back to his hometown in Fort Lauderdale and his alma mater Bethune-Cookman University and the Daytona Beach community. He has a long term desire to turn a few of his plays into movies. He is always learning and perfecting his craft. He wants to learn every aspect of theatre from sound and editing to directing. He believes that the more you know the more you can achieve and relate. 

McClam’s upcoming productions are: 

· The Crucifixion: He Died So We Can Live 

·  Secret Lovers (Stage play focus on the healing of marriages)

· If you only knew, sequel of “Secret Lovers” (A father’s quest to save his relationship with his daughter by   taking her back to his past to see the good, bad, and ugly).

· Family Secrets (Sexual abuse that comes back to hunt a member of the family)

Skills Of A Playwright

What You Will Learn - Sat, Oct 6, 2018 at 9pm EST

  • Write with a purpose- what drives you to write, what message you trying to deliver
  • Know your characters-  where do they come from, your mind? people watching?  Are they believable? Research required to manifest each character.
  • Develop a formula -  this is how your script is developed. (stick with your formula), know when to change your formula
  • Quality vs Quantity-  this tells you what type of presenter you are; quality should always be first over quantity.  quantity means  you in it for a short time and you don't care about your audience (this goes back to write with a purpose)
  • Look Beyond Beyond ---write to see your plays in the movie theaters.  Look beyond beyond.......This area I will focus on encouraging writers to network with screen writers learn how develop a scrip in a screen script format, learn the camera shots, etc