2020 Black Author's Expo

What is the Black Author's Expo

Black Author's Expo is a biennial event, and we are super excited to welcome the new authors into our network. This event help arm new and inspiring authors with information they need to be successful, while it also help shape and educates the community of black authors in the DMV and surrounding states. This event offers veteran authors a platform to showcase their work with great visibility.

We include publishers, editors, authors and marketers on our panel to give an expert view on being in the business as an author.

We've added some new features based on the request of the attendees -

  • Virtual Workshops
  • Children's Corner
  • The first award 2018 Best Black DMV Author

This event is taking off come join us as it continues to grow. Space is limited!

Sponsorship Information Below!

Check out our events page to view some of the pictures!


Vendor that are non-authors are welcome! There is limited space for our vendors!  

So don't wait until the last minute only 5 spaces will be given to non-authors.


How To Be A Sponsor

Additional Information


Benefits of Sponsorships:

  • Brand/Corporate awareness: Seeks to put a name in front of the      consumer so that it will provide favorable recognition when exposed  specific marketing messages. 
  • Brand/Corporate image: attempts to create a personality  and style which distinguishes a product from another in the market and      allows.
  • Customer relations: Sponsorship can open dialogue  between companies, showing the sponsor as a global player worthy of      recognition and suitable to do business with. 
  • Community  relations: sponsorship can show that a company cares about it  community and is prepared to invest in its future and the welfare of its  citizens. 
  • Tax deductible         

How Can You Participate

You can be a key player by sponsoring through numerous ways: volunteering, advertising, exhibiting or giving an in-kind gift.

With much sincere gratitude, we thank you, for assisting BROA in delivering quality educational, information and services to an increasing population.


Levels of Sponsorships

 Individual Sponsorships Levels

   One Level $90.00 - other

  • All individuals will be listed at      the event and posted on the website.

 Corporate and Business Sponsorship Levels and Benefits 

Bronze Level $275-300 

  • Company Logo and name displayed in      event materials. 
  • Sponsor's name announced at the      event. 
  • Certificate of Sponsorship. 
  • Special thanks in the event agenda      program.
  • Vendor Space

    Silver Level $375-550 
  • All benefits included in the Bronze      level. 
  • Sponsor link or contact information      added to website.

    Gold Level $575-999
  • All benefits included in the Bronze      & Silver levels. 

Platinum Level $1,000-Up 

  • All benefits included in the Bronze,      Silver, & Gold Levels 
  • Small sponsor banner or poster      displayed at event (provided by sponsor) 
  • Name announced during marketing and      radio 
  • Two allot 1 minute slots to speak      during the event 

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